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Livejournal to Arkadia - a KH2 RPG

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4/5/ 4:42 pm

Characters: Nobody!Tsuki (aka Kuxtis), Organization XIII 
Title: To Be a Chocobo
Type: AU, what if? kind of thing
Plot: A strange turn of events causes Tsuki to lose her heart, and now Kuxtis is wreaking havoc.
Notes: This thing was originally mentioned as a cracky idea that L fed because she is mean like that. It has absolutely nothing to do with the actual plot of Arkadia (which should be considered a blessing).

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RPG Back Entry [
4/5/ 1:58 pm

[ mood | bored ]

Characters: Sora, Jiminey
Title: How Jiminey Found Sora
Type: solo, back entry
Plot: Jiminey joins Sora
Notes: This post is mostly a back entry, i.e. it happened before the forum's main events took place. It was also written mostly for its journal entry companion.

that's when looking back's the hardest part of allCollapse )

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Available Canon Characters [
11/25/ 2:07 pm

We are always in need of more canon characters. If you are interested in playing a canon character:

Here is the list of canon characters available and who has claimed them:Collapse )
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Arkadia_LJ's Grand Openning [
11/25/ 1:45 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to Arkadia_LJ. This journal will be the sister site to Arkadia. There will be no RPGing on this site, but if non members of the site are up to it, please visit the site.

Please read these before joining the site:
--( Rules and Information )
--FAQsCollapse )

If you decide to join, we look foward to your joining!
If you're already a member, what are you doing here, you're supposed to be posting! XD
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